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Service Manager System


Venture into the 21st Century Service Department 

Effective e-cures for those nagging service-department headaches—such as productivity, quality control, and labor-pricing problems, and even tool and replacement-part shortcomings.

Announcing the all-new SERVICE MANAGER SYSTEM!

For over two decades, hundreds of shops all over the country have relied on BBI’s Service Manager System products, including:

The Service Manager’s Handbook
The Ultimate Flat Rate Chart
The Complete Checklist System

Now, all these products have been completely revised, updated, and integrated together into a single product: The Service Manager System. The System includes:

The Service Manager CD
The Ultimate Flat Rate Chart CD
The Service Manager’s Handbook
The Service Manager CD Tutorials

The Service Manager CD includes database and spreadsheet tools for production management, labor pricing, quality management, and tool management. Take a guided tour of the features of these software solutions!

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