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Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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Located in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs from the MountainsINCREDIBLE LOCATION

Download Local Bicycle Trail Map - Starts 1 block from BBI!

  • Quickly accessible from major north/south and east/west interstates.
  • Major airport—direct flights from much of the country.
  • Famous for our temperate climate and weather.
  • World-famous Captain Jack’s Trail starts minutes from BBI.
  • SPECTACULAR SCENERY: Pikes Peak, Red Rocks Canyon, Garden of the Gods— at the base of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Seven major ski resorts an easy day trip from BBI.
  • Hot springs about an hour away.
  • ‘86 World Championships held here.
  • Home of the USA Cycling and the 7-11 Velodrome (site of several world records).
  • Home of NORBA.
  • Top notch mountain and road biking (ride the ‘86 world championship road course, or ride your mountain bike up Barr Trail to the top of 14,110 ft. Pikes Peak).
  • 17 area bike shops including one of BDS’s top 100 Dealers.



TRAVEL: Major airlines serve the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport directly or via ground transport from DIA in Denver. Greyhound serves Colorado Springs from other major cities within Colorado and connections from elsewhere in the continental USA. YOUR TRAVEL AGENT CAN PROVIDE UPDATED COSTS AND TRAVEL TIMES. Many students drive to our seminars. Please allow extra travel time so that you can negotiate seasonal weather hazards.

LODGING: Stay at Days Inn Manitou Springs for the complete experience. Book a class, book a room; it can all be done through our enrollment form!

FOOD: Stay fueled any way you like. There are nearby grocery stores and health-food stores to help you maintain your dietary regimen or to maintain a budget. And if restaurants are what you want, we have a tremendous variety of excellent choices nearby! Pick from Mexican, Italian, Greek, Thai, Vietnamese, barbeque, a classic burger joint with all-day breakfast, a gourmet deli and restaurant, a German bakery and restaurant, a health-food restaurant, a brewpub, pizza joints, and all the usual fast-food suspects. Click here to view the complete list!

BIKE RIDING: Climate in Colorado Springs is fair even when it is cold, so it is recommended that you bring your bike no matter what time of year for general transportation and recreation. Excellent road and off-road riding is available from the immediate vicinity of the Institute. There will be some brief opportunities to work on your own bike at the Institute, which makes it worth bringing in any case.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: In addition to the usual dining, movies, and clubs that a city has to offer, you may like to take advantage of your visit to Colorado Springs to go skiing, horseback riding, mountain climbing, hiking, auto touring, rock climbing, sight-seeing, and brew-pubbing, all of which can be done in the immediate vicinity of Colorado Springs.

BASIC NECESSITIES: Grocery stores, numerous restaurants, laundries, a post office, and countless shops of all types are in the immediate vicinity of the Institute, so everything you will need while here will be easily accessible on foot, by bike, or by car.

2725 Ore Mill Road #23
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Phone: (833) 530-2723
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