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Approved and Regulated By The Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools

First Rate Facility and Equipment

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Our graduates report a 99% satisfaction rating with the selection and condition of our tools.

BBI has invested the money to equip every bench with a full selection of the most expensive tools, such as milling tools, frame and fork alignment tools, specialized suspension tools, tension meters, digital calipers, and multiple torque wrenches.

More importantly, BBI has an extremely close relationship with major tool manufacturers, and regularly consults with these manufacturers during their development of prototypes.

And when we don't think anyone makes the right tool for the job, we produce it!

Bikes & PARTS
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Our graduates report a 94% satisfaction rating with the bikes and lab materials used in class.

Here at BBI we have a huge fleet of bicycles, partial bicycles, and wheels devoted solely to use in the classroom. Each workstation is equipped with a mountain bike, a road bike, and a touring bike, as well as numerous other individual components. All of the bicycles are used exclusively for classroom purposes, with equipment selected and set up for the sole purpose of optimizing your learning.

Unequaled Written Materials

Unequaled Written MaterialsOur graduates report a 94% satisfaction rating with the printed materials received as part of the class.

BBI uses Barnett’s Manual DX in class so that the student never needs to take notes and always leaves with even more information than was covered in class. We will provide loaner laptop computers for use in class to anyone who needs one. However, if you have a laptop computer we strongly encourage you to bring it with you. We believe that if you are focused on writing notes, you are less focused on watching and learning what the instructor is teaching. Our philosophy is that if it is worth teaching, it is worth providing to you in writing. In addition to the Barnett's Manual, depending on the class, other materials add up to another 500 pages to the written materials each student receives. We challenge you to find another school that comes anywhere close to us with the written materials they provide.