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Lead Bike Mechanic/Certified Tech (FT)

REI- Boca Raton
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This is a hands-on position and allows you to work on bike, ski, and snow equipment every day. Your primary responsibility is being the Lead Mechanic and handling operations of the store’s service department, ensuring safety standards are met and providing extraordinary customer service. To ensure your "pro-status", within 6 months of hire you will have the opportunity to attend the Barnett Bicycle Institute to receive your REI certification. In addition to being a service savant, typical work for this position includes:

* Scheduling and monitoring the production and throughout of shop work to meet customer demand
* Identify and inform management of ways to improve shop workflow, growing productivity while maintaining or improving quality
* Working with management to build, train, and certify a team of Technicians to carry out shop service and rental department functions
* Assisting immediate supervisor in evaluating staff needs including hiring, scheduling and evaluating staff performance
* Handling risk to REI by ensuring all shop employees are trained and certified to the level of work they perform and all work meets REI and vendor quality and safety specifications
* Preserving complete and accurate shop records and maintaining record keeping systems
* Completing Post Accident inspections and reports as necessary
* Acting as liaison between customer, store, AHQ, and vendor on resolving highest-level repair problems
* Resolving actionsports equipment non-conformity and warranty issues
* Researching and reporting significant quality and safety issues to Store Management and the Compliance Manager at AHQ. Advise of alternatives or solutions before proceeding with work
* Ordering shop materials, tools, supplies, and parts
* Assembling and repairing actionsports equipment to REI and/or vendor standards
* Maintaining equipment and ensuring a clean, secure and safe work environment