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Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance (BAM)

This course is suited to shop assemblers, home mechanics, and fleet maintenance personnel. All aspects of assembling, adjusting, and basic maintenance of derailleur bikes are covered.

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Spoked Wheel Lacing (SWL)

This program is a supplement to Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance (BAM) and enrollment is limited to those who are enrolled in Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance. This course supplements Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance (BAM) so that home mechanics and fleet maintenance personnel can lace their own wheels instead of having to rely on a bike shop. Since taking BAM enables you to true wheels, after a professional helps you select the right equipment and spoke length, this program is all you will need to build your own wheels—one the most satisfying tasks for the home mechanic!

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Professional Bicycle Service (PBS)

This course is the definitive program for shop mechanics. It covers all the basic material that is in the Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance program, and adds to it virtually every nuance that is part of the job of being a shop mechanic. Home enthusiasts enjoy this program when only the best will satisfy! There are no prerequisites for this program, but taking Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance first is strongly encouraged (depending on your level of experience).

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Advanced Topics Series (ADV)

The Advanced Topics Series is designed for the experienced professional mechanic who is ready to level-up. ADV takes a deeper dive in to suspension and hydraulic brake systems, and includes dropper seatposts. The 3 modules can be taken individually, or combined into a 4-day series.

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E-Bike Fundamentals (EBF)

This supplementary course is suited to BBI students, graduates, and current or present verified industry professionals who would like to learn about the fastest-growing segment of the bicycle industry - E-bikes.

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