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Why Choose BBI?

Our graduates report that we met or exceeded their expectations 94% of the time.


"...I especially want to commend Chris, John, and Kate for the manner in which they delivered the curriculum. I was a high school Principal for over 20 years and in that time, I evaluated several hundred teachers, most with graduate degrees in teaching. I can tell you that all three of them are as good, if not better, than any teachers I have worked with. They are highly competent, patient, and most importantly, understand the need to effectively differentiate their instruction across the wide spectrum of ability levels enrolled in their class. Simply put, each one is an outstanding  teacher and I  would have been proud to have all three on my staff..."

Jeff Brierton, 2016

"The Barnett experience was good for me. Thank you. I was just as interested in how you did what you did as in the content of instruction. I liked both. The Air Force is always deeply involved in technical education. For six of my 26 years, technical training was my line of work. I hope I don’t sound boastful when I say we were good at it. When I say you’re good, I measure against a high standard. You’re good. As good as the best I’ve seen. Here’s why I say that:

  • You demonstrate your mastery of the field.
  • You spend the resources to stay current-ahead of the field.
  • You give candid appraisals of tools, methods, products.
  • Although tool and component manufacturers value your input, you're not parading anybody’s logo.
  • You’re patient with novices like me and with the (self proclaimed) experts who have nothing to learn from mere mortals.
  • You love bikes, tolerate bikers remarkably well, and love to share what you’ve learned.
  • Your instruction is excellent, written materials likewise; you make a natural transition to the hands-on stuff.
  • You are committed to continuous improvement.
  • You’re earnest, play no games, keep the objective in view, and press on.

You’re a hell of a lot of fun . . ."

Colonel Michael D. Ashley
USAF (Ret) Daleville, IN


"As I hope you could tell, the class clearly exceeded my expectations. I have been to a lot of training courses in my life and this was the most effective course I have ever taken, for a number of reasons.

(The instructors) are obviously very bright, incredibly experienced in everything having to do with bicycles, good teachers, and very articulate public speakers. The manual is extremely well done and your ability to boil down each process into a clear set of procedures adds value far beyond just explaining what needs to be done. The manuals and the course are comprehensive and it is clear that you are keeping up with new developments in the bicycling world. Your use of measurements at every step of the way takes the guesswork out of each adjustment – and insures that I will get the same result every time I do an adjustment. The course is very logically organized. The educational process you use is based on reinforcing what we learn in a very effective way. The workbenches are fully equipped with all tools imaginable. The lab sessions are both efficient and effective because everything we needed was set up for us in advance and then put away for us when we were done – our time was spent only on doing what we were learning. . . Your entire setup is optimized for efficient and effective learning...

I looked into BBI and UBI before deciding where to go. (I even visited UBI when I was in Ashland.) I had a feeling that BBI would be a better school and now I am sure I made the right choice..."

James D. Kirsner, CPA
Mill Valley, California


"Dear Mr. Barnett:

It seems that it would be more appropriate to refer to you as Professor or Dean Barnett. I returned late Thursday night from Colorado, but I feel like I am a million miles away. There has always been a mythological and literary device where the protagonist goes to a mountain or cave seeking wisdom and insight. I feel as if I played that role and now come back a wiser, more fulfilled person.

While I was in the airport, I took the following notes that I wanted to share with you and the staff.

  • The physical classroom and shop were clean and well organized.
  • The staff and instructors were unfailingly polite.
  • The instruction materials were clear, well prepared and simple to employ once the instructors taught us how to work with the directions.
  • The method of instruction was highly refined, combining years of trial and error technique and straightforward teaching.
  • The hands-on labs combined well with the lectures and materials to link the lessons effectively.
  • The examinations brought the important ideas together for me by linking the taught concepts to a real demonstration of whether it was learned or not.
  • The exams were based on clear logical of knowledge that I understood better once I finished the test. Even on the parts of the tests that I did not do well on, I was given a clear explanation on what I did wrong. There is a privilege in not only proving you know something, but you can be wrong and still take something from that experience.
  • Your materials are nothing less than brilliant. Now that I worked through them, I am even more impressed. They will be excellent references for my future pursuits.
  • Your ability to explain the scientific method and demystification of the mechanical process. I have a much better understanding of my hobby and a deeper respect for bicycle professionals who employ your techniques.

I felt your instructors Cat, Ellis, and Hurly, made the learning environment pleasant. They did not flaunt their knowledge or skills but rather shared them. I felt comfortable even when I screwed things up. Their professionalism was quite apparent; an excellent reflection on BBI and you. I was amazed at their seeming encyclopedic knowledge of bikes, parts, etc. They were quite patient, too. In the end I feel more confident than I thought I would. Please pass along my compliments to them…

...My final wish is that I will return for more training. BBI is an outstanding example of success. It’s a success because you have channeled your passion into a business that shows the very best of your skills and abilities. Working through your instruction is an inspiration to my endeavors and pursuits. My thanks once again for everything you do. Please feel free to use this letter as an endorsement of your school at your discretion."

Very Truly Yours,
Timothy A. Dinan
Grosse Pointe Park, MI


"Hi folks! I was in the August 2008 session of BRO and SST, an experience which still ranks among the best in my life. I use what I learned at BBI almost every day in my job.

I was recently approached to become general manager of a new bike shop... ...called The Bicycle Gallery. It's a small bare-bones shop financed by a furniture company who wanted to diversify their showroom, so I'm the only mechanic and I've trained a couple of people to help me with sales. My education at BBI helped me outfit the shop with a comprehensive selection of necessary tools, as well as delivering repair service at a very high level.

I can't believe I'm a general manager at 21! I can't thank you enough for my fantastic experience at BBI. I proudly display my BRO, SST, ESS, and MSD certificates in my shop and customers often comment on how impressed they are with my credentials, especially for someone so young. I'm enjoying breaking people's stereotypes of what a bicycle mechanic should look like, and I love my job.

Thank you all so much for everything! Best wishes for 2010."

Sara Clawson
The Bicycle Gallery


"Thanks for the GREATEST learning experience of my life. If all the teachers and instructors of my lifetime had taught as you do, my learning potential would have been limitless. Your organization of material, untiring energies and keen perception of student needs are keys to your school’s obvious success..."

Mike Koenig, Technical Services Manager
Bicycling Magazine, Emmaus, Pennsylvania


"You have an excellent seminar for bicycle mechanics... I appreciate your patience in letting each of us learn at our own pace..."

Payne Kibbe, Owner Cycle Mania
Bountiful, Utah


"The class was exceptionally helpful and a tremendous learning experience. I recommend it strongly..."

John Bogler
Shimano American Corporation