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Barnett's Manual DX (9th Edition)
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Barnett's Manual DX (9th Edition) Barnett\'s Manual 6th Edition DX The Barnett Manual 6th Edition DX The Barnett Manual 6th Edition DX The Barnett Manual 6th Edition DX

Barnett's Manual DX (9th Edition)


The most comprehensive guide to bicycle repair and maintenance now on DVD and available for download!

Barnett's Manual DX is a digital publication. New editions are published every 1-2 years to stay abreast of the new equipment introduced every model year. As of version 09.13.01 (2013), DX has over 11,000 pages, which are connected by over 85,000 hypertext links, so you can get anywhere in DX with just 3–4 clicks! The 9th Edition is a huge increase over the 8th Edition, with a 12% increase in total pages (from 10,130 to 11,344). A total of 2497 new hi-res photo illustrations have been added as part of these new pages. With a computer at the workbench, you can work directly from the on-screen information, but if your computer is located elsewhere, you can generate print worksheets for any procedure in the manual to take back to the workbench. Additionally, DX includes the last print version of Barnett's Manual (the 5th edition) as a PDF file that you can print yourself (or have printed at a photocopy store) so you can have the convenience and familiarity of a regular print manual (NOTE: Technologies introduced after 2003 are not included in the print-version 5th Edition).

This is the ultimate bicycle mechanic's manual . . .

Every little detail the novice needs, all the advanced information the experienced mechanic wants, and comprehensive coverage of all parts of the bike and all technologies are just some of the features that make this manual the bicycle tool you can't do without.

Bicycle mechanics is science, not art...

Barnett's Manual DX takes the mystery out of every procedure by putting the emphasis on detail, logic, and measurement. Decades of shop experience and the experience of teaching thousands of students at Barnett Bicycle Institute made the crucible that forged this manual into the comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that you will find indispensable to making your own bicycle mechanic skills top-notch!

System Requirements

Desktop or laptop computer with approximately 1GB of available space and Adobe Reader 7, 8, or XI.

Installation on tablets and smartphones may be possible but is not recommended. We do not currently provide technical support for installation and use of Barnett's Manual DX on these devices.

Why DX only works on systems with Adobe Reader

Barnett's Manual DX consists of a set of PDF files. Although there are many PDF-reader products, DX exclusively requires Adobe Reader. DX has been designed to take advantage of many of the most advanced features of Adobe Reader. Any computer device with Adobe Reader installed is compatible with Barnett's Manual DX, and Adobe Reader is free from Adobe. Other PDF readers exist, but none have all the Adobe Reader features that DX relies on to make it an interactive tool instead of just a "book" that you read on a screen.

Most Apple products come with a PDF reader other than Adobe's Reader. If you have a Mac, you can install Adobe Reader in addition to any other PDF-reader software on the Mac. Similar issues exist with the iPad, iPhone, and other tablets and smartphones. If you are going to try to put DX on an iPad, iPhone, or other tablet or smartphone, we strongly recommend first making sure you can get Adobe Reader XI on that device. We do not support technical issues if you are using DX on a device without Adobe Reader, nor will we refund your purchase because features won't work on these devices.

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Barnett's Manual

The most comprehensive guide to bicycle repair and maintenance...NOW ON DVD AND AVAILABLE BY DOWNLOAD!



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"I felt your instructors made the learning environment pleasant. They did not flaunt their knowledge or skills but rather shared them. I felt comfortable even when I screwed things up. Their professionalism was quite apparent; an excellent reflection on BBI and you. I was amazed at their seeming encyclopedic knowledge of bikes, parts, etc. They were quite patient, too. In the end I feel more confident than I thought I would. Please pass along my compliments to them..."

Timothy A. Dinan
Grosse Pointe Park, MI

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